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NINGBO TOPBON MECHANICAL SEALS FACTORY is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of Mechanical seals .

With almost 10 years of experience, TBMS has become the leading manufacturer of mechanical seals in China, producing seals for pumps, mixers, agitators ,compressors among others, selling our products to both domestic and overseas customers, including companies from USA, Europe, South Africa and Southern Asia. Our seals are similar to John Crane'sAESSEAL's , Burgmann's and Pacific's seals and can be interchangeable. If you are used to use the above seals, then ours will definitely meet your needs. We can also design and manufacture seals according to customers' drawings or samples , please contact us for details.

Assured Quality
High quality is achieved by using CNC modern high-performance facilities. The standards we follow guarantee the highest degree of reliability and provide an exceptional maintenance record for our customers. 
Assured Competitive prices
whether you require a simple O Ring or a conversion from gland packing to the latest generation of mechanical seals, we believe we can satisfy your request by offering a competitively priced and unique product in the industry
Assured Packing
We pay special attention to the packaging as mechanical seals are very delicate and fragile components. We pack the goods in several layers before placing them in a wooden box to prevent any breakage during the shipment. Every component is labelled with full details to avoid problems with storing or inspection to our customers.
Assured After-Sale Service
Our engineers and staff are trained to tackle all service problems effectively and promptly. We are committed to ensure the best customer service possible, solving any problem that may rise as fast as possible, providing necessary spare parts rapidly. Our Engineers can also provide training to customers' maintenance staff to handle emergencies independently.